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Past Life Regression

Do you sometimes wonder where a certain habit, fear, or other unusual behaviour comes from? Do you think you have been somewhere before? Perhaps you have.

Past Life Regression (PLR), which is carried out under hypnosis is an exciting trip into your own past lives, unlocking doors in your mind that open other worlds, worlds that were yours in another time.

Regression can be a very vivid and realistic experience involving two or more of your senses (for example, vision, hearing and physical sensations). At other times, regression can be more subtle, involving relatively vague images and feelings. Usually you can expect to access enough information to allow for an interesting and useful experience.

PLR is frequently used during Hypnotherapy sessions to identify reasons or causes for behaviours in this life. Once discovered they can be dealt with and left completely in the past thereby freeing the client from these debilitating feelings or behaviours.

Clients frequently find that many people they are connected with in this life appear in previous lives, however the relationships are likely to be different and you are not always the same sex. Victims of abuse are often victims or in subservient positions in previous lives, however once this is discovered that chain can be broken and the abuse stopped.

So much can be discovered about yourself using PLR which can explain your apparent natural ability to do something like riding a horse, being a good cook, sailing a boat etc etc etc.

Many people enjoy a vivid experience the first time. Others will typically get some impressions, some images, thoughts or feelings--- which can lead to a fuller past life experience in a later session.

Why not discover for yourself

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