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Future Life Progression

Future Life Progression is taking the world by Storm. Now used by Governments, Corporate Business and Major Research Establishments as well as Hollywood celebs and the Military.

After decades of research Future Life Progression is the most exciting developement in the field of Hypnotherapy. Since time began man has wondered what may be in his future and has consulted all sorts of advisors from Soothsayers to Tarot Card readers and many more besides.

With FLP conducted under hypnosis in a similar way to Past Life Regression, you no longer rely on a third party telling you what will happen, you are taken there to see for yourself.

How useful do you think it would be for you to know what you will be doing in say five or ten years time? Will you be in the same job? living in the same house? will you have financial security? What does the future hold for you.

If you are in business would knowing what future trends were get you ahead of your opposition? Knowing what fluctuations were likely to be in the commodities market make you better and more profitable investments?

Virtually every area of your life in the future can be visited and the knowledge of how you got there brought back with you so that you can make an earlier start on getting to where you want to be. Alternatively if you dont like what you see you can use that knowledge to make different choices now and change the future for the better.

You can also be taken forward into your future lives and again can bring back knowledge from those times to improve life now.

At CenScot, Graeme Harvey is Scotlands Premier Licensed Future Life Progressionist having trained and worked with Anne Jirsch the worlds leading expert on FLP.

The Future is Yours and waiting to be Explored.

Sessions last between 1 and 1.5 hours and are available at our therapy centre or on Skype.

In some instances home or office visits can be arranged.

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